Better Streets for Everyone

Despite the common assumption, bike lanes and paths are not built…

GOHS Grant Renewed

(Athens) The BikeAthens Board of Directors is proud to announce,…
median island with diagonal walkthrough

Living the Island Life

Y’all have probably seen the minor construction on Milledge…
Does this crossing work for families?

MACORTS Public Comment: Lexington Connectivity

From July 25-August 8, MACORTS, our local MPO, is accepting public…
Jason and Brian finish it off

BikeAthens Headquarters

It's only been about 10 days since we sealed the deal to move…
Moved to a New Location

Moving on up!

Y'all may have heard rumors recently that BikeAthens is on the…
ACC map of collisions Jan 1 to Dec 1

Why Chase St. Underscores the Need for an Improved Complete Streets Policy

UPDATE: Commissioner Melissa Link will likely introduce a Commission…
Bike Month

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate #BikeMonth (a little early)

Here are 5 activities to get you ready for National Bike Month. National…
"Fighting" for a new Bike Plan

The Many Benefits of a New Bike Plan

UPDATE: The Mayor has called and gathered a Bike & Pedestrian…
Green, green, green

Bike Improvements: Current and Arriving NASAWL*

*Not as soon as we’d like In addition to the cool improvements…